Basic yoga rules: Some Important and Basic Rules

Basic yoga rules: Some Important and Basic Rules

Basic yoga rules: Yoga is a methodical science which helps you attain the optimum capacity of mind and it is the mind that drives the body, so no wonder being an avid yoga practitioner you can have incredible achievement in your life.

Principles of yoga

The principle of continuity

  • Don’t suddenly increase the load and never move to complex exercises initially.
  • Always move from simple to complex.

The principle of regularity

  • Practice on regular and daily basis

The principle of moderation

  • If you can not exercise with increasing load due to fatigue or some other reason you should stop and reduce the burden, to continue to carry out the previous two principles.

Basic yoga rules

  • Yoga should be practiced empty stomach. If you had food, wait for at least 3 hours before practicing.
  • Relax for 10 seconds at least after each yoga exercise.
  • Avoid excessive intake of tea or coffee when you are practicing yoga
  • Wear comfortable clothes for practicing yoga.
  • First begin with easy poses and thereafter you can advance to the tough ones.
  • Do not practice yoga on naked ground. Always use thin yoga mat or thick bed sheet for Yoga.
  • Before you start Yoga, you must clear your bowels and bladder. Clean your nostrils and throat of all mucus.
  • Woman should not practice yoga during menstruation.
  • Food can be taken after an hour of practicing yoga.
  • Morning is the best time to prepare for yoga and it is always better to practice yoga where there is abundant clean air.
  • Don’t do yoga twenty minutes before and after taking a shower as blood circulation could speed up after take a shower. It is better to take cold shower after practice it.

Yoga can reduce the metabolic process and helps you keep in healthy state of mind and body. It influence all system and organs of the body and prevents from many other ailments which are result of stressful lifestyle of modern time.

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